The Inspiration

Gigeez was born from childhood memories.

Its creator, Stéphanie Bourland, grew up between the United States, France and Italy, more precisely the shores of Lake Maggiore in a small village called Cannobio.

Gigeez feeds on the nostalgia of a childhood lulled by those summer nights, by the lake, its harmonious chop muffled by the confused hubbub of lively evenings. Scents of oriental perfumes mixed with the hairspray of cardboard brushings, colorful Turkish cigarettes with Italian soundtracks... Slim Aarons was not far away.

After a few years spent at LVMH, in Paris, then in New York and London, Stéphanie discovered Qatar where her projects took her as far as India and Vietnam. She finds there the colors of the fabrics of her childhood, the sarees reminding her of the look of those long, very colorful dresses that she adored on her mother and her aunts. The waltz of the colors of the sarees and the grace of the Indian women move her.

The gift of a Japanese friend, a dress with simple and very fluid shapes, gives her the idea to apply it to the saree. Some researchs and trials later, in a more intuitive than mastered momentum, gigeez was born.

Origin of the word - Gigeez

Gigeez is above all musical. It echoes Dalida’s song “Gigi l’amoroso” and the American childish ex- pression “Gee Whizz”, synonymous with total surprise, equivalent to the French “Ohlala!”

The promise of an adventure...


It is the craftsmanship she discovered during her travels that inspired Stéphanie Bourland to launch herself into Gigeez design.

In our global industrial epoch, emphasizing this anachronistic manufacturing process is a form of strong belief and resistance.

Each piece is unique. The sarees are gleaned during travels, then sewn by hand in Qatar by local artisans.