The Fabrics

Each saree is also differentiated by its composition: often a mixture of silk and polyester.

  1. Silk Chiffon: Ultra light and sophisticated chiffon, can be worn with a slip dress, fragile, dry clean.
  2. Chiffon Chandni: polyester, ultra light muslin ideal for the beach or to wear with a slip dress, does not crease.
  3. Silk Georgette: silk and/or viscose, ultra light matte fabric, ideal for the beach or to wear with a jumpsuit, does not crease.
  4. Badani Silk: very light, with an elegant and silky drape.
  5. Matka Silk: a bit stiff, a mixture of polyester and silk that looks like wild silk.
  6. Sabarmati silk: cotton and silk blend, very light, with an elegant drape closer to the body.

The Bags

The gigeez dresses are carried protected in small pouches of the same pattern, accessories that are both practical and light.

Barely out of its pouch, the gigeez dress is ready to be worn for any adventure.