Born from childhood memories

Gigeez feeds on the nostalgia of a childhood lulled by those summer nights, by the lake, its harmonious chop muffled by the confused hubbub of lively evenings.

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About the Name

Gigeez is above all musical. It echoes Dalida’s song “Gigi l’amoroso” and the American childish ex- pression “Gee Whizz”, synonymous with total surprise, equivalent to the French “Ohlala!”

The promise of an adventure...

  • Handmade

    Each piece is unique. The sarees are gleaned during travels, then sewn by hand in Qatar by local artisans.

  • L’Élégance

    The dresses are easy to wear whatever the morphology, silhouette or environment. They are available as Slim & Loose.

  • The Cut

    Each saree is unique and comes in to different models of dresses: Lauren, Maxi Helene, Bianca, Anoushka, Romy, etc...

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How to wear your Gigeez?

There are 6 ways in which you can wear your Gigeez.

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